The Real Work

September 5, 2007

The news of a just-thwarted terror plot in Germany is scary but also, in an odd way, comforting, if only because it shows that we have allies who can keep their eyes on the prize and defend against real enemies. That’s refreshing and reassuring at a time when our own leaders are more interested in ooga-booga scare stories like the Fort Dix pizza jihadis, or ominous warnings emanating from Michael Chertoff’s gut. I bet they could even figure out the right country to invade if it came down to that. Congratulations to the German police for their good work. Once the Bush babies have been evicted from power, maybe the Germans could loan us a few of their senior officers, just to show how honest grownups go about doing this kind of thing.  

Since the Jack Bauer fantasists over on the right side of the blogosphere are already revving their engines over this story, let me note that I agree with Matt Yglesias when he says the plot confirms that the biggest risk factor is a large population of disaffected Muslims who are walled off, culturally and politically, from the majority population. As he says, this means we should seek to understand the aspects of American life that make us more amenable to Muslim integration, and strengthen them. Need I point out that the winger penchant for ranting about towelheads and wearing t-shirts that spell “Islam” with a swastika instead of an “S” is not very helpful in this project. 


One Response to “The Real Work”

  1. Chucky Says:

    Another action by agents provocateur to keep the Liberal Media and their masters happy.

    To get the real story you have to go to Its lead stories so far this week:

    Pentagon ‘Three-Day Blitz’ Plan for Iran (Sunday)

    Iraqi PM: US Criticism ‘Signals’ Militants (Monday)

    Pattern Cited in US Killing of Civilians (yesterday)

    Troop Buildup Fails to Reconcile Iraq (today)

    Speaking of the Liberal Media, Katie Couric had a George Romney moment. She was in Iraq for CBS News and admitted her network was being spoon-fed “good news” by the US military.

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