The Republican Tide

September 7, 2007

Another drawback to having a Republican in the White House for too long: we get medical waste on our beaches:

The latest medical-waste discovery took place Thursday on the south end of Ocean City between 48th Street and Corsons Inlet. Beachgoers found seven syringes, tampon applicators and empty prescription bottles along the high-tide wrack line strewn among seaweed and washed-up straw.

Eight syringes were found in Strathmere since Aug. 30. Another was found Sept. 2 in Sea Isle City, where tampon applicators washed up Thursday.

And in Wildwood, one syringe was found Monday on the Andrews Avenue beach.

Thomas said his office is trying to track the source of the medical waste, but none of it is labeled. The state Department of Environmental Protection is asking the public’s help in identifying anything they find.

Medical waste plagued New Jersey‘s beaches during the late 1980s. In 1989, four people in Ocean County and another four in Cape May County were pricked with needles. That summer, 22 syringes were found on Long Beach Island.

Must be some of that ol’ marketplace magic at work.


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