September 17, 2007

Back in the 1990s, Robert Townsend did a stand-up routine about the vicissitudes of the single life, and how there was so much nasty stuff out there that it was actually a relief to go to the doctor and find out it was “only syphilis.”

For some reason, the word leaking out about the apparent choice to replace Abu Gonzales at the Department of Justice had me remembering that Townsend routine. But Matt Yglesias found a more restrained way to express roughly the same sentiment:

This is already dull conventional wisdom, but it seems to me that the rumored new guy at the Justice Department, Michael Mukasey, stands a good chance of rescuing the DOJ from its Gonzalez-era status as a cesspool of depravity and incompetence and bringing us back to the glory days of John Ashcroft when one primarily worried about the Attorney-General’s ludicrously wrongheaded ideology.

Meanwhile, over at Talking Points Memo, they’re taking down the golden scrapbook of memories from the glorious Age of Gonzo.


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