Schadenfreude Saturday

October 13, 2007

Steve Lonegan, the blowhard mayor of Bogota, has made a career out of helping whip up anti-immigrant hysteria. So how schweet to hear he turns out to have hired a couple of illegal immigrants to do work for him. And his explanation is so convincing.

Gotta love these wingers. Pick a winger and find his favorite issue — immigration, family values, whatever — and wait for him to get hoisted on his own petard.

My homies over at BlueJersey are serving schadenfreude with maple syrup and cream cheese for breakfast.

2 Responses to “Schadenfreude Saturday”

  1. Cautious Man Says:

    Now that’s comedy!

  2. […] career euolgy for Steve Lonegan, mayor of Bogota, anti-immigrant hysteric, career blowhard and self-immolating hypocrite. Thanks to his own strenuous efforts, Lonegan has become the conservative nobody listens to […]

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