Springsteen Saturday

October 20, 2007

Another reason to love YouTube: fresh video of Il Bruce and the E-Streeters joined by members of Arcade Fire for a rendition of “State Trooper.” Listen to the woman in the audience freaking as she realizes what’s about to happen.


2 Responses to “Springsteen Saturday”

  1. Cautious Man Says:

    Actually, it was Bruce and the E Street Band during a show in Canada, welcoming “local heroes” Win and Regine from Arcade Fire to join them onstage. Arcade Fire does a cover of “State Trooper”. In the Youtube list for that video, is another one where they then do an Arcade Fire song, “Keep the Car Running”. That was pretty cool for Arcade Fire, since not everyone gets to have the E Street Band be your house band.

  2. Chucky Says:

    Hmmm, Il Bruce. Nice to see an over-the-hill arena-rock star referred to in the manner of Mussolini.

    Speaking of Benito, his American ideological successor hasn’t been doing all that great. His good friend Joe Torre was pushed out as Yankee manager this week thanks to The Boss and his cronies.

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