Bad Bet

October 21, 2007

Would somebody please give Diamond Bill Bennett a roll of quarters and and put him on a bus to Atlantic City? And would Donald Trump please comp him a high-roller suite, just to keep him out of our hair until the election is over? David Weigel visits the values voters conclave and gives us a glimpse of Diamond Bill in full-froth mode:

. . . here comes Bill Bennett’s snake-oil version of the war on terror. “We knew who attacked us on 9/11,” so we invaded Afghanistan and ousted “the terrorist-sponsoring Saddam Hussein to begin a reformation of the Middle East by reforming those states.”

8:53: “We were at war with, let us say it, Islamic fascism.” He’s brave enough to say things the president says!

8:54: Bennett gives praise to our modern hero: “Not Leonidas of the 300 Spartans, but Petraeus of the 300 million Americans. Let us praise Him. Point him out to your children and say ‘There goes a noble man.’ Perhaps even a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. One advantage of giving David Petraeus the Nobel Peace Prize is that he has actually brought peace. And we honor peacemakers.”

8:57: Finally, Bennett equates liberals with fictional hellspwan. “Battlefield surrender comes from cultural surrender,” he says. “Cultural surrender comes from befuddlement, from being befuddled.” The term comes from Screwtape’s advice to his nephew, to “fuddle” Christians. “And so, we are being fuddled.”

9:00: This is amazing: Bennett’s entire speech is crediting Screwtape with the perfidy of liberals and libertarians. Screwtape “might advise” us to do the litany of crimes assigned to Alan Colmes: Abiding by the Geneva conventions, inviting Ahmedenijad to Columbia, so on down the line.

9:03: “He might advise that we allow journalists to make public classified information, and then we stand aside as they give themselves awards,” Bennett says. He informs the audience of the shield law just passed in Congress that protects journalists from having to testify to prosecutors if they expose classified information. “When they do this they do not deserve awards, they do not deserve Pulitzer Prizes. They deserve investigation and sometimes they deserve jail.”

“Let us praise him”? Does Bennett think Petraeus died for our sins? That job has been outsourced to the soldiers and civilians paying the daily tab while Petraeus engages in the noble endeavor of helping Bush string things along in Iraq until he can dump the mess he created in somebody else’s lap.

Yo, Bill — next time, just tell everybody which casino has the best buffet and leave it at that.

2 Responses to “Bad Bet”

  1. toasterhead Says:

    Why is it that you feel the need to give Bill Bennett’s rants about “Islamo-Fascism” a platform, yet don’t mention a thing about the other fictional threats to our country?

    This is exactly the reason why I started Bigfoot Awareness Week. I suppose liberal Sasquatch skeptics like yourself would have us believe that Bigfoot isn’t real, and that he is not currently planning to infiltrate our country and destroy our way of life. I guess you won’t be satisfied until you see the ‘smoking gun” in the form of an oversized simian footprint.

    For shame!

  2. Scott Stiefel Says:

    He’s making “300” references. That’s the latest sign of terminal dementia.
    THIS!! IS!!!! SPARTAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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