Amazing Business Model

October 24, 2007

Newspaper readership is down, so the obvious answer is to hire a delusional wingnut ex-senator to write an opinion column.   

Really, for the Philadelphia Inquirer to put Rick Santorum on the payroll makes no sense from any standpoint, demographic or otherwise. Pennsylvania voters didn’t want him. The Inquirer’s core readership — Philadelphia and its suburbs — really didn’t want him. And the small number of turkeys who will agree with him can already get their fix of jump-juice from FreaksNews. And if the poor asses in charge of the newspaper sincerely believe this will innoculate them against complaints of “liberal bias,” then they’re beyond hope.

Great business plan, folks. Have fun circling the drain.    


2 Responses to “Amazing Business Model”

  1. Chucky Says:

    Inquirer top honcho John Tierney is a right-winger and Rick Santorum was a Christian Coalition stealth candidate, so the paper went along with the boss’s wishes.

    In a way the Inquirer is returning to its past. Under the Annenberg family the Inquirer was a reactionary newspaper. After it was sold in the early 70’s it became respectable and even gained some prestige. Once the 80’s began the Inquirer turned reactionary again.

    I was driving through Bucks County last weekend and there were more racks for the Doylestown paper than for the Inquirer.

  2. Bren Flibig Says:

    Thank you, Dan Savage. What could have been a trivial little news story is actually pretty funny.

    After all, EVERY right-wing newspaper needs some santorum.

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