Hit ‘Em With Your Hitler Stick

October 30, 2007

Fareed Zakaria isn’t the first journalist I would turn to for insights on the Middle East or the Iran situation, but boy oh boy does he mop the floor, polish the china and wipe down the windows with warwhore Norman Podhoretz during this back-and-forth over What To Do About Iran. Placed in a situation where he needs to frame a cogent argument, N-Pod immediately takes out the Hitler stick and starts swinging in all directions, never once connecting, while Zakaria simply stands fast and talks a little basic common sense.

That’s the godfather of neconservatism, folks — Norman Podhoretz, who sees Neville Chamberlain behind every bush, Hitler under every turban and Nazi appeasers behind every criticism. What a sad, shabby little clown. The fact that Rudy Giuliani proudly calls on Norman Podhoretz for his foreign policy views is in itself reason for Giuliani’s candidacy to sink without a ripple.         


One Response to “Hit ‘Em With Your Hitler Stick”

  1. Caveat Says:

    That title is the funniest damned thing I’ve seen in ages!

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