Remember the Flakiest!

November 4, 2007

PC, PC on my desk, who’s the nuttiest right-wing pest?

Is it Jonah Goldberg, who advised the residents of New Orleans to “grow gills” in response to flooding after Hurricane Katrina? Is it Hugh Hewitt, who called himself a member of the vanguard in the war on terror because he regularly parks his butt in the Empire State Building? Is it Ann Althouse, whose obsessing over a young woman’s sweater-clad breasts became a source of discomfort even to her fellow flakes?

So many cranks, so little time! But you can help Kevin Drum pick The Wingnuttiest Blog Post of All Time. It’s a tough choice. The finalists are dedicated, invincible cranks whose ability to bend the laws of reality to meet their ideological needs should rate them a chapter in a textbook on quantum physics. But I know you readers are up to the task. Vote now!


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