Inky and Ricky

November 8, 2007

Read Santorum’s debut column for the Inquirer and check off the prefab notions. Liberal media? Check. Lonely conservative voice in the left-wing wilderness? Polarization of politics, loss of civility? Check, check and double check. Has an original thought or idea issued from the precincts of wingerdom in recent years?

Funny how he mentions his recent speeches on college campuses without name-checking Islamo-Fiasco Awareness Week. Guess that didn’t turn out to be quite the earth-shaking event it was billed as.

If the Inky owners think this is the best use of their money and space, that’s their lookout. I just wonder why Santorum needs two weeks per column to come up with this tripe. Does it really take him that long to recycle old speeches and Weekly Standard editorials?


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