Fleecing the Fudds

November 9, 2007

For a while there, it seemed like every other day NewsMax was sending me e-mail alerts on the need to support the Elmer Fudd Brigade — aka, the Minutemen — in their twilight crusade to keep unacceptably dark-skinned people from crossing our borders.

Lately, though, the Fudds have fallen away to be replaced by regular terror alerts and the accompanying offers to sell me a hand-cranked emergency radio, all set against the usual background noise of investment scams, quack medical advice and bulletins from Dick Morris on Hillary’s latest plan to replace the Constitution with the SCUM Manifesto.

Maybe the scarcity of Fudd-related news is due to the fact that the poor asses who support the Fudd Brigade are getting scammed, like the hapless dolt who mortgaged his house in order to donate $100,000 for construction of a fence. Any sympathy I might have for him is tempered by the knowledge that the experience of being fleeced over an ignoble cause probably won’t lead him to greater wisdom, only more virulent racism.  


One Response to “Fleecing the Fudds”

  1. Bill Bowman Says:

    I was on that News Max list for awhile, but I finally had to kill it. I just couldn’t handle the daily influx of crap.

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