A Bigger, Better Moron Magnet

November 12, 2007

The Kentucky Moron Magnet — aka, the Creation Museum — wants to expand!

Apparently there are more morons in the world than even Answers in Genesis reckoned on, so the “museum” operators have won approval for a $500,000 upgrade that will be funded, like the original construction, with donations from people who probably shouldn’t have been allowed to open their own checking accounts in the first place.

This is, you will remember, the bogus museum that shows prehistoric men and women riding on the backs of dinosaurs using saddles and stirrups, one of many details the museum claims are rooted in scripture. The tour also culminates with a catalogue of the world’s ill, all attributed directly to fallout from the bearded passenger from the HMS Beagle and his ideas about evolution.

At least the suckers who contribute to this nauseating endeavor are getting more bang for their buck than the chumps who paid money to the Elmer Fudd Brigade — aka the Minutemen — for construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border. But fools and their money always end up moving in separate directions, sooner or later.


14 Responses to “A Bigger, Better Moron Magnet”

  1. Fade Says:

    New in the Dinosaur area- the Fred Thompson exhibit! More Proof against those crazee r-Evolutionary folks that cavemen are still among us.

  2. libdemKS Says:

    Really??? I mean, Really?????

    I still love Lewis Black talking about how you can’t take these people seriously, because they are watching The Flintstones as if it were a documentary.

  3. Eng Man Says:

    Lewis Black rules! As he puts it, “Genesis is OUR book, and WE know it’s bullshit!! What the hell is wrong with you Christians?!?”

  4. John Says:

    Why don’t they pay for the upgrades out of ticket revenues? I think I know the answer to this one, but I’d like to hear a response.

  5. Bill Arney Says:

    Prehistoric men and women riding dinosaurs with saddles and stirrups???

    This I gotta see! I mean it. This is freaking historic. I’ll want to take pictures as EVIDENCE for future generations of people who simply won’t believe it.

    I don’t know if I could keep from busting out laughing in such a place. That would probably get me kicked out, but it sure would be worth a try.

    Hey, it’s better they spend their money on this kind of stuff, rather than give it to some politician who claims to believe this BS.

  6. mark Says:

    So watch PBS tonight as Nova recounts how the Flintstones attempted to invade public school in Dover, Pennsylvania, leading to Kitzmiller v. Dover.

  7. Slaughter Says:

    I’d like Mike Huckabee to explain how he thinks oil is made. Does it take hundreds of millions of years of decay and compression, or does God do it in the blink of an eye? We’d all love a guy like that in the White House dealing with an energy crisis, wouldn’t we?
    If you want to read a great book on Kitzmiller vs. Dover, check out Edward Humes’ Monkey Girl. Judge Jones says the one regret he had in presiding over the case was that he didn’t have cameras in the courtroom. He said that if he had, no one would question evolution after watching all of that evidence.

  8. Jacques Says:

    Fsck, I wish I’d thought of milking the idiots of their money like this. The owners of the museum must be laughing all the way to the bank (while pretending to give thanks to baby jeebus, of course).

  9. civilizer Says:

    Sorry to plug my blog on here, but a couple months ago I posted that priceless Doonesbury cartoon about the intelligent design controversy, and I think all would enjoy:


    I’d like to ask Mike Huckabee how he thinks oil is made too, but asking that guy questions makes him seem like a credible candidate and nice guy or not, we don’t need somebody with his literalist opinions even sniffing the White House.

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  11. Ah, stirrups. I know that wikipedia is not exactly authoritative but this is what it says about stirrups:

    The first dependable representation of a rider with paired stirrups was found in China in a Jin Dynasty tomb of about A.D. 322.

    This would mean dinosaurs had to have lived at the same time as Christ. It is a wonder the New Testament isn’t full of remarks about not stealing your neighbour’s diplodocus. Surely at least a letter from Saint Paul to the Dinoriders should be somewhere in there!

    Frankly, I am surprised that there aren’t more Christians protesting against this kind of thing making religion into a laughing stock.

  12. Billy (A Liberal Disabled Veteran) Says:

    “prehistoric men and women riding on the backs of dinosaurs using saddles and stirrups, one of many details the museum claims are rooted in scripture.” Interesting. Outside of my historical specialty, but wasn’t one of the problems with early (Greek, Roman, Carthaginian) cavalry lack of stirrups? The development of heavy cavalry came about as a direct result of the invention of the stirrup around 500 AD (give or take (and correct me if I am wrong(again, it is outside my specialty (and I don’t have my reference books with me right now)))). So now these fundamentalist christianist dominionist freaks are saying the bible told them stirrups would be invented about 500 years AFTER the savior was born (which is about 300 to 400 years after the gospels were written)? My capacity for surprise has now, officially, short-circuited.

    Who needs mind altering drugs?

  13. Kitster Says:

    Slaughter- I don’t remember any of the detail, but when I was a youngster in Lynchburg, VA (home of Thomas Road Baptist Church) I saw a Falwell pamphlet explaining how oil can be made in only 40 years. I’m not sure who buried all that vegetable matter under the sands of the Middle East, though.

  14. […] A Bigger, Better Moron Magnet The Kentucky Moron Magnet — aka, the Creation Museum — wants to expand! Apparently there are more morons in […] […]

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