November 18, 2007

So T. Boone Pickens tied one on at an American Spectator banquet and offered to pay a million Bushbucks to anyone who proved that a single lie had been excreted by the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, the sleaze-barge outfit that attacked John Kerry’s distingushed war record during the 2004 campaign.

And when Kerry took him up on the offer, Pickens immediately did a Michelle Malkin and scampered for cover. Unlike Malkin, Pickens didn’t suddenly pretend to be above the fray and too contemptuous of the opposition to give it any attention. That was the chickenshit strategy Malkin adopted when journalist and blogger Ezra Klein invited her to a public debate about the S-CHIP program. Pickens instead started hedging and setting ridiculous conditions in the hope that Kerry might not follow through.

What an odd mob of chickenhawks and chickenshits these wingers are. Just as I have proposed a new national holiday, Bushtemberfest, to commemorate the manifold failures and malfeasances of the Bush administration, I now propose a new verb — to malkinate — to describe the backward-scuttling, ink cloud- and bluster-spewing behavior of a winger forced to live up to his or her own words.

It would, I know, be more than Malkin deserves to have her name immortalized as an anathema alongside Quisling, Lynch and Boycott. But at least then she’ll have contributed something useful to America.


2 Responses to “Malkination”

  1. Billy (A Liberal Disabled Vet) Says:

    When I was young (and yes, that was a long time ago), I played with other kids (pre-computer, pre-internet, pre-video games (yes I am that old)). One boy was real hard to get along with. He was nice. Not too strong. Not a weakling. But he was gifted at the art of, “Oh, I just remembered a rule.” I score a touchdown (our football games were more like ‘Calvinball’) and he calls it back because he just remembered a rule. We got in the habit of ‘locking the game’ if we saw him.

    His family was one of the wealthier ones in our little corner of western Maryland (I went to school in three states — CA, AZ & MD). His father was at the forefront of cutting property taxes (for commercial properties, at least) and cutting public school funding. I wish I knew if ‘one more rule’ is emblematic of right wing thinking, or just plain immaturity.

    With T. Boone Pickens, I still wish I knew. He is acting like a spoiled twelve year old. But he is also acting like a typical right wing authoritarian oilman.

    Sorry for the long post. Occupational Hazard.

  2. Scott Stiefel Says:

    “alongside Quisling, Lynch and Boycott”
    Don’t forget Santorum.

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