The Bamboozler Goeth

November 19, 2007

After having to listen to winger congressman Mike Ferguson’s campaign ads against Linda Stender in the 2006 race — you know, the ones with people squawking “Stender is a spender!” like an aviary of brain-damaged parrots — I was looking forward to making some “Fergie is a phony” signs for the 7th District race.

But I’m just as happy to hear Ferguson will be retiring to spend more time with his family and the dollars he’ll probably be reaping as a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry. That outcome seems inevitable, since his career as a congressman amounted to little more than on-the-job training for the position.

When King George II blew through Union County on his Let My Buddies Pillage Social Security tour (dubbed Bamboozlepalooza by Josh Marshall), Mike Ferguson was there to scatter rose petals at his feet. Ferguson was always ready to make those noises about bipartisanship that journalists and pundits love to hear — it shows the speaker is a “centrist,” not an “ideologue,” doncha know — but when Bush came to shove, Ferguson was a good lil’ Republican soldier and a willing member of the Rubber Stamp Brigade.  

So long, Mike. Can’t say it’s been a pleasure.


2 Responses to “The Bamboozler Goeth”

  1. Bill Bowman Says:

    I guess he’s run out of Georgetown coeds to offer to show his “pin” to …

  2. Chucky Says:

    Mike Ferguson did NOT announce his retirement. He announced he would not seek re-election. Major distinction there!

    “Stender is a Spender” worked because she was a weak candidate. I got a call from the Stender campaign two days before the ’06 election. The first issue the caller brought up was “a woman’s right to choose”. Americans are getting killed in Iraq, the public wants US troops out of Iraq — and her campaign is prattling about abortion? No wonder she lost! Just as well since Stender would’ve been a Pelosi puppet or a Hillary-like hypocrite in D.C.

    BTW Ferguson’s stand-down has made the politics page of Fark.

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