Written By the Losers

November 24, 2007

Ricky Santorum is sure giving the Inquirer it’s money’s worth, if you add up the number of lies per line in his latest column. And look, here’s Karl Rove, Newsweek’s freshly minted political opinion columnist, raising a preliminary dust cloud of lies and distortions without a peep of disagreement from Charlie Rose, in preparation for the release of his book, which will be full of new and old lies, and for which Rove has been paid a lavish advance from his publisher.

I thought history was supposed to be written by the winners. If that’s the case, why are these losers — a laughingstock ex-senator run out of Washington on a rail and a campaign advisor for the most widely reviled president in history — being paid to rewrite the public record? What sort of bumpkin thinks that “Man on Dog” Santorum has anything of worth to say to newspaper readers, or that the heir of Lee Atwater is going to do anything but continue spinning as he turns to writing a magazine column? And what sort of chump thinks they’re going to do anything but vend old complaints about liberal media bias, even as the media continue to churn the old lies Rove and Santorum made their stock in trade?

Maybe I got the quote wrong. It appears that in the Age of Bush, history will be written by the whiners, not the winners.


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