Bigfoot, Little Brain

November 26, 2007

So, how does the Discovery Institute, that creationist propaganda mill based in Seattle, react to getting its clock cleaned in the recent PBS document Judgment Day? Why, by bringing in Michael Medved, hack movie reviewer, ardent believer in Bigfoot and Rush Limbaugh wannabe, of course.

As befits a group sustained largely through contributions from daddy wingbucks Howard Ahmanson, the Discovery Institute has been widening its psuedo-scientific focus to include climate change-denial, Iraq war boosterism and other causes dear to the hearts of knuckle-draggers. Since its attempts to build itself up as a research institution have produced little beyond horselaughs from the educated public, DI’s best shot at long-term survival is — O irony! — to evolve into another trough for wingnut welfare.

Seen this way, the Discovery Institute is an ideal financial salt-lick for Medved, who should be quite comfortable standing haunch to haunch with the likes of George Gilder, a professional smoke-blower whose arguments on behalf of creationism make even hardened conservatives like John Derbyshire gag and roll their eyes. Hey, has Dinesh D’Souza joined up yet? Well, what are they waiting for? Give him a call!


2 Responses to “Bigfoot, Little Brain”

  1. beckjord Says:

    how to reach Discovery Institute?

    I believe in Bigfoot, have seen them, photographed
    them and have a better brain that you do,
    Steven hart.

    Erik Beckjord, Mensa guy

  2. Chucky Says:

    Anything endorsed by Michael Medved is to be treated with suspicion. He is a servant of two masters, Paramount Pictures and Pat Robertson.

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