Newsweek’s Newest Columnist

December 2, 2007

When he still had the job title “Bush’s Brain,” Karl Rove lied for a living and showed others how to lie more effectively. He was so good at it that he helped lie us into a sleazy war, lie us into a new level of government corruption, and lie us into an unearned second term for an illegitimate and destructive president.

Now that Rove’s a free agent, he’s still lying — lying so crassly and obviously about the Iraq invasion that even other Republicans are gagging at the sound of his voice. But Newsweek, entranced by the idea of having A Washington Insider writing for its pages, hires this greasy weasel as a columnist and tries to kid itself and its readers that Rove will be showing us How Things Work in Washington. All he’s going to do is keep lying.

Over at Time magazine, we’ve seen columnist Joe Klein file a piece about FISA based on nothing more than spin-talk from a GOP wingnut, then respond to critics that he has neither the time nor the training to bother figuring out the truth of the situation. Now newly minted Newsweek columnist Karl Rove has given us a preview of the crap he’ll be excreting for the pages of a magazine that purports to offer good information to its readers. No conservative, however crooked or deluded, will ever have trouble gaining access to mass media.

I don’t know about you, but this week I downgraded Time and Newsweek to the status of People and Us — magazines that I only look at when I’m taking the kids to the dentist or the pediatrician. In fact, they may be slightly below that level. People and Us, after all, have pictures of hotcha celebrities. There are still good writers and journalists working at Time and Newsweek, but if their publishers gave a damn about that good work they wouldn’t diminish it by putting it alongside the slapdash hackery of Joe Klein, or taint it by association with a career sleazeball like Karl Rove.

And if they don’t give a damn, then neither do I.


One Response to “Newsweek’s Newest Columnist”

  1. CParis Says:

    I’m glad I stopped subscribing to those litter box liners – Time & Newsweek. I find better, more accurate reporting in US Weekly!

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