We’re All Bloggers Now

December 5, 2007

As we all know, the inhabitants of Pundit Parnassus look down on bloggers as pajama-clad ninnies who lack their elevated understanding of the pressing issues of the day, such as Hillary Clinton’s cleavage and whether Barack Obama is a traitor for failing to wear a flag pin. So when Time columnist Joe Klein got caught recycling GOP smears and spin points about the FISA bill pushed by House Democrats, the fact that the criticism of the column originated from blogland allowed Klein and his bosses to dismiss the whole matter as beneath their notice.

But several members of Congress have added their voices to the criticial chorus, only to be stonewalled by Time management. The fact that their star columnist printed a pack of lies about a matter of national interest (lies spoon-fed to Klein by wingnnut Pete Hoekstra without even giving Democrats a chance to rebut) doesn’t seem to faze them. I guess there are a lot more pajama-clad ninnies out there than anyone could have guessed. As Glenn Greenwald puts it:

That’s now two House Committee Chairmen (who jointly drafted the bill which Klein smeared), a key Senator on the Intelligence Committee, a key Congressman on the Intelligence Committee, and a presidential candidate whose campaign is centered around these issues, not to mention hundreds of Time readers (at least) — all objecting to the outright and still-uncorrected falsehoods spewed by Time and Joe Klein, with many now also protesting the subsequent cover-up behavior of the magazine’s editors. How much longer can Time, and their friends in the establishment press, continue to ignore this oozing journalistic scandal?

I’ve already indicated my lack of interest in reading anything from or buying any more copies of Time, since the management’s actions (combined with their fawning attitude toward winger hacks like Ann Coulter) indicates their new standard of integrity and independence is about par with NewsMax. And NewsMax already spams my in-box with this kind of crap at least twice a day.

So long, guys. I don’t know what’s going to replace you, but if something better does come along, I doubt it will have the Time magazine logo up top.


2 Responses to “We’re All Bloggers Now”

  1. Caveat Says:

    Well, there’s always The Economist. Not perfect by any means but better.

  2. Chucky Says:

    Right-wing fantasies are standard at Time. In the 1980s it commissioned — and then killed — a story linking the Nicaragua contras to drug trafficking.

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