Who Would Jesus Subpoena?

December 6, 2007

Six televangelist ministers from the Universal Galactic Church of Gimme Mine (Credit Cards Accepted) have until today to submit their financial records to the Senate finance committee. To get yourself into the properly reverential frame of mind, here’s an Inappropriate Hottie Rundown of some people who are doing well by doing God.


One Response to “Who Would Jesus Subpoena?”

  1. Billy (A Liberal Disabled Vet) Says:

    I checked the link. Um. What to say. Theose people look, uh, how shall I say this? Creepy?

    Seriously. Why the intersection between bad hair, overdone teeth and televangelism?

    One of my friends in high school (not a close friend, but a nice guy) had saved up about $14,000 for college. He did this by raising buying calves and selling cows (the bigger the cow, the bigger the profit), rebuilding VW bugs (starting when he was about 11), and a paper route. His junior year of high school, his parents took his savings (parents account (he was too young (when he opened it) to have his own account)) and gave it to Jerry Falwell ministries. He went into the navy to pay for college. I lost track of him after that.

    Apparently a new Cadillac for Jerry Falwell was more important to his parents than a college education. The mind boggles.

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