Why Is Mitt Romney Smiling?

December 8, 2007

I’m not the world’s biggest South Park fan, but sometimes they really do hit the nail on the head.


One Response to “Why Is Mitt Romney Smiling?”

  1. DBK Says:

    The Mormons? Mr brother used to talk about his experiences working on oil rigs out west in the early seventies; every day he got a lift to work from a crazy co-worker who absolutely despised Mormons with the white hot heat of a thousand suns. Whenever his co-worker saw a Mormon while they were in the car (and don’t ask me how his co-worker knew they were Mormons), the guy would lean out the window and scream, “G*****n m*****f***ing c***s***ing Mormon son of a b****!” I should ask my brother some time what all those asterisks stand for, because I never understood that story.

    Your posting begs the question: who is the world’s biggest South Park fan? And how is the title determined? Is it height? Weight? Strength of devotion? These are vital questions and they must have an answer.

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