Chaos and Confusion

December 13, 2007

Right-wing bloggers, radio squawkers and cable TV gasbags will be sobbing into their pillows tonight: the trail of the seven alleged terrorists in Miami has ended in one acquittal and six mistrials:

At trial, prosecutors tried to prove the Liberty City 7’s mission was to spread ”chaos and confusion” by blowing up Chicago’s Sears Tower and FBI buildings in major cities. But the jury foreman said the racially mixed panel was ”evenly split” on the four conspiracy counts against the remaining defendants — especially the sedition charge.

”It was a very difficult case with a lot of evidence,” said foreman Jeffrey Agron, 46, of Pinecrest, a lawyer who is a principal of a Jewish school in Kendall. “People see evidence in different ways. There were different takes that people had.”

He said jurors took sides: Some believed the government’s conspiracy case was strong because the seven defendants took an oath to al Qaeda in March 2006 led by an FBI informant posing as a member of the global terrorist group.

But some thought the defendants, especially Batiste, were simply trying to con money out of the FBI-directed informant, who infiltrated the group and led the seven men deeper into the alleged terror plot.

The ladies auxiliary of the Jack Bauer Fan Club can take heart from the knowledge that the Keystone Prosecutors in Da War on Terra will retry the six suspects. If at first you don’t succeed . . .


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