America’s Least Wanted

December 17, 2007

Soon to be offered for a buck a pop at NewsMax — it’s Jonah Goldberg’s long-unawaited summa moronalogica, Liberal Fascism. Sadly No has screen captures of the book nobody has been waiting for, except maybe Jonah’s mom and liberal bloggers, who can amuse themselves after the holiday eggnog by tearing apart selected chapters of Goldberg’s tome. What puzzles me is that, judging from the jacket flap copy and the contents page, Goldberg has done pretty much what every conservative “author” does nowadays — sloshes the same old crap from one end of the tank to the other — and yet it’s taken him years to finish this thing. Even Glenn Beck has had enough time to excrete a pile of pages high enough to get jammed between hardcovers and offered for bulk orders, so it gets nudged to the top of the Times bestseller list and create the impression that there are thousands of readers eager for insights from the John Birch Society. Did it really take him that long to spell-check “Mussolini”?          


4 Responses to “America’s Least Wanted”

  1. Scott Stiefel Says:

    Did you get rid of those Snap previews? If you did, keep it that way; those things were a huge nuisance.

  2. Cautious Man Says:

    If you read the table of contents and the bookflaps, while imagining Stephen Colbert saying it, it’s actually quite funny.

  3. Caveat Says:

    I’ve been enjoying the dissections at Sadly, No! immensely. Who knew Hitler was a Liberal?

    And I agree with Scott about Snap.

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