Defining Dumbassery Downward

December 20, 2007

I thought conservatives had hit rock bottom with Osama bin D’Souza’s The Enemy at Home, but Jonah Goldberg’s magnum bolus Liberal Fascism appears to have dug yet another sub-basement beneath rock bottom.   

I’ve been laughing along with everyone else at the excerpts offered at Sadly, No! but at some point laughter is no longer possible. The argument Goldberg offers on the pages reproduced today aren’t simply stupid — they are a mortal insult to anyone who takes ideas seriously. If you think ideas are important, then Jonah Goldberg has just taken a dump on your front porch.

In order to place this recycling bin of incoherent arguments and childish insults before the public, money was paid, contracts were drawn up and production schedules were put in place. Money that could have been paid to real writers, money that could have been used to create real books, instead went to pad the bank account of a useless twit whose writing ability and intellectual acumen might just barely qualify him to pack ice cream at Baskin Robbins. 

It’s been suggested that progressives need to emulate the wingers in developing a support system of foundations and institutions that can sustain and advance the careers of left-wing writers and pundits. But when I look at these books by Goldberg and D’Souza, I have to conclude that conservatism signed its own death warrant as an intellectual force when it professionalized itself. Regnerey and a bunch of mainstream publishers have been churning out wingnut books by the truckload for years now, and has a single one of those books offered anything of real value?            


3 Responses to “Defining Dumbassery Downward”

  1. Goldberg pepetrates this inanity, and last week the US Congress effectively proclaims Jesus Christ to be our national savior!

    Read the details at:

    ‘Minnesota’s Own Version of “Verjudung,” or How Somali Refugees Threaten Christmas In The Upper Midwest’


    “Rudely Stamped,”

    Michael Blaine

  2. Caveat Says:

    It’s too bad that all these sophomoric publications masquerading as erudite treatises are furthering the cause of those who prefer an ignorant, emotional and therefore malleable population.

    I do hope that public discourse will recapture its former integrity once the gibbering mob has been returned to the cheap seats, where it belongs.

    Otherwise I fear the decline, already well underway, will continue. That would be a great loss indeed.

  3. Ron Fischer Says:

    The prime issue is that US conservatives are defining themselves as ultra conformists. In congress that’s how they’re keeping powerful as a minority. Its how Rush and his acolytes relate. It just seems like a very un-American form of conservatism compared to e.g. real libertarians (as opposed to the corporate apologist branch of that sect).

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