The Company I Keep

December 27, 2007

Not even in my most grandiose fits of egomania would I class myself with Philip Roth, but fortunately Star-Ledger columnist Maureen Berzok does it for me. Her column on the “Best Jersey Books of 2007” puts my book The Last Three Miles: Politics, Murder, and the Construction of America’s First Superhighway alongside Roth’s Exit Ghost, Gwendolen Gross’ The Other Mother and Junot Diaz’ The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Not bad company.

Thank you, Maureen, and thank you as well to everyone who’s bought the book. And if you haven’t bought a copy yet . . . well, that’s why you got those gift certificates, isn’t it?

3 Responses to “The Company I Keep”

  1. Hey–lovely to see you at this party! (wonder when Diaz and Roth will get here………..)

  2. Steven Hart Says:

    I wouldn’t bet any money on Roth showing up, but Diaz might pop in if he isn’t off partying with Bill Buford.

  3. Brad J. Says:

    Steven, congrats on the good press!

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