Democracy is Coming

January 4, 2008

Obama and Edwards ahead of Hillary. That’s lovely. And while I couldn’t care less which useless winger ultimately gets the Republican nod, Huckabee’s win points to a nicely clarified electoral choice: Barack vs. Bible-banger. The GOP made the cold-eyed, cynical choice to wed itself to the Christianist flakes, so now let’s all wave as they drag the GOP off the cliff.

Hillary’s got the money and the organization to roll on, so we’re stuck with her for a while longer. I would dearly love to see her drop out and leave it to Obama and Edwards to go head-to-head. I could live with either one as the nominee, but their back-and-forth will be good for the Democrats and the country.

Poor little Chris Matthews. His pillow must be drenched with tears over McCain’s pathetic showing. Now there’s a slogan to campaign on: every time you vote against McCain, you make a cable TV gasbag cry.


One Response to “Democracy is Coming”

  1. Chucky Says:

    Better yet, Ron Paul got into double digits and placed ahead of Mr. 9/11. You think Dr. Paul doesn’t have a chance? The Gipper didn’t win the Iowa caucuses in 1980.

    As to Huckabee? He is a scarier version of Pat Robertson, who won the Iowa caucuses in 1988 and was back on “The 700 Club” by that fall.

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