The Lumber Yard

January 7, 2008

You’d think that after Andy Rosenthal stood up and took a lot of criticism for the decision to give Bill Kristol a spot on the New York Times op-ed, Kristol would at least feel obliged to deliver an original, eye-opening debut column. Dream on. Remember how George Orwell likened political cliches to sheets of lumber that were dragged out and nailed into place? On this basis of this column alone, Kristol could open his own lumber yard.

ADDENDUM: Already, the Times’ investment in Kristol is paying dividends. Turns out the voice of American conservatism can’t tell the difference between Michelle Malkin and Michael Medved. For future reference, of the two M&Ms of wingnuttery, Medved is the one who hasn’t been featured wearing a Catholic schoolgirl uniform in a widely viewed YouTube clip. At least, I’m pretty certain he hasn’t. And if he has, I really don’t want anybody to send me the link.  


One Response to “The Lumber Yard”

  1. The Truffle Says:

    However, Michael Medved DID claim that the movie “Happy Feet” had a gay subtext. I kid you not.

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