SpongeSean Yellowpants

January 8, 2008

Through the magic of YouTube, watch as Ron Paul supporters, angry that FoxNoise is trying to freeze their guy out of the race, start shouting at FoxNoise gasbag Sean Hannity, who decides to follow Reagan’s advice and vote with his feet. Watch him scuttle!  

Don’t be too hard on lil’ Sean, kids. He’s just got a case of winger envy. After all, if Antonin Scalia can pick a president, why can’t FoxNoise?  

One happy outcome of this election will be the long overdue realization among some conservatives that Fox is not a news operation than a retail network, a sort of wingnut QVC where people market winger lifestyle accessories, like a Sean Hannity “book” to place on the coffee table next to the OxyContin dispenser shaped like Rush Limbaugh’s head. That’s why people bought Deliver Us From Evil — not to read it, but to put it on display where it can drive those liberals craaaayzeee.

Only now the marketing campaign has been screwed up. Those inflatable Mitt Romney dolls that were supposed to sell like Kevlar vests in Iraq are stacked up in the lobby, Mike Huckabee’s double-wide is blocking the showroom window and Ron Paul is pulling customers to the escalators. Something’s gotta be done, and Roger Ailes is the one to do it. It’s not like these guys have ever been so enamored of the democratic process, anyway.

As for Ron Paul, being right about the Iraq invasion doesn’t make up for being wrong about everything else. But there’s no question he’s being screwed over. He can get that much sympathy from me.   

UPDATED: The original video was pulled. Let’s see how long the one I found at 7 p.m. stays up.


2 Responses to “SpongeSean Yellowpants”

  1. Bill Bowman Says:

    Hey … Tried to watch the video, but apparently it was yanked. Wonder who was behind that?

  2. Bill Bowman Says:

    Wait a minute…they chase the guy into the hotel, and *then* someone asks, “Was that Sean?”

    See, this is why Ron Paul is seen as this election’s Ross Perot.

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