Psychotronic Primary Theater

January 9, 2008

With the New Hampshire vote behind us, the primary now offers three parallel tracks: Who gets the Democratic nomination, who gets the GOP nomination, and which TV news gasbag will go into a full psychosexual meltdown over Hillary Clinton.

Right now my money’s on Chris Matthews, who can barely hold himself together on camera as it is, but it’s a close field. Just about every pundit on FoxNoise is ready to go Pentecostal from the strain of looking at Hillary’s poll results while staying in shape to outrun Ron Paul supporters. Something’s gotta give.

Since the journalistic and informational value of big time political punditry has gone from negligible to nil, we are left with . . . what, entertainment value? Research material for psychiatric trainees?

From the psychiatric perspective, I will be interested in seeing how conservatives manage to cope with the twin incitements of a strong woman and a strong black man running for the presidential nomination. Rush Limbaugh and William Kristol have managed to say nice things about Obama because they saw him as a black guy beating up on Hillary. Now that Hillary’s shown she’s still in the race, I expect to see a lot more conservative creepery about Obama.

Oh yeah — when it’s all over, we’ll have a new president. I wonder if any of the pundits have figured out yet that that’s what this whole mishegoss is all about?     


2 Responses to “Psychotronic Primary Theater”

  1. Caveat Says:

    You know, just stuffing a sock in it would be more valuable to the public because I seriously doubt that these people are capable of measured, reasonable analysis or of contributing anything original or insightful to the ‘debate’.

    It’s quite startling to witness the transformation of intelligent public discourse into a low-brow sport a notch below food fights in the high school cafeteria. I can’t quite figure out what the hell has happened but it’s happened quickly and I don’t know if we’ll recover so quickly, if at all.

  2. Mike Huckabee and the possibility of “going Pentecostal” in the general election is what’s really disturbing. If the electorate doesn’t feel it needs a break from a Christian Presidency now, I can’t imagine when . . .

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