God’s Shill

January 18, 2008

Those of you who’d been looking forward to hooting it up over Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, the creationist propaganda “documentary” starring Ben Stein, may be crestfallen to hear that the release date has been moved from Feb. 12 (Darwin’s birthday, in case you were wondering about the date’s significance) to some time in April. 

Rutgers University science blogger Brian Switek suggests this is because the film’s producers, evidently worried that they have a major flop on their hands, have come up with a contest that will entice fundamentalist schools to sponsor field trips to see the flick, with prizes going to the schools that generate the most ticket sales.

It’s no surprise to see Jesus-whoopin’ academies shilling this way. What is surprising is that the intelligent design movement, which has up to now tried to disavow any religious motivation for jamming its crock curriculum into science classes, is dropping the pretence and, in effect, admitting that ID is religious rather than scientific in nature.

I mean, they haven’t been fooling anybody up to now. I’m just surprised that they’ve stopped even trying to fool anybody.  


One Response to “God’s Shill”

  1. Chucky Says:

    This documentary is going straight to DVD. The original release date should have tipped you off — new DVDs come out on Tuesday.

    “Expelled” isn’t even in the new release section of Box Office Mojo.

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