They Accept Him! They Accept Him! One of Them! One of Them!

February 8, 2008

Gooble gobble, gooble gobble, the wingers accept John McCain! One of them! One of them!

Not that any of this was a big shock. Bending the knee to authority is a given with these flappers, as this seasoned observer points out:

I am sure you are all shocked to know that the wingnuts whinged and moaned and wailed, and in the end sucked it up and embraced their irrelevance. Months of calling him Juan McCain and worse were swept aside, “shamnesty” is but a memory, and all it took was one chorus of the “democrats are worse” and our brave patriots came to their senses. And now, magically, the right-wing blabosphere and John McCain are united and go together like Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Before long, our independent bloggers and right-wing bloviators will be back to doing what they do best- regurgitating the party line.

In the end, they hated Democrats more than they hated Mexicans. Of course, there’s still a rearguard action to recast the likely election winner as a “real” conservative under the skin.

ADDENDUM: Because I’ve gotten a few questions already, I should point out that the YouTube clip is the wedding dinner scene from Freaks (1932), which also inspired the Ramones song “Pinhead.” I think John McCain looks a little like a heftier version of Olga Baclanova from certain angles, don’t you? And seated around the table were some dead ringers for Jonah Goldberg, Michelle Malkin and K-Lo.


4 Responses to “They Accept Him! They Accept Him! One of Them! One of Them!”

  1. Suzette Says:

    Don’t count the conservative chickens yet. You might want to believe it’s true that conservative Republicans have fallen into line behind Grandpa McCain, but with the exception of McC plants and moderates attempting to be the mouthpieces of convservatism, it’s not so.

  2. Chucky Says:

    McCain is the flavor du jour of the Liberal Media. He is not a favorite son of the right wing.

    Rush Limbaugh is firing away at McCain on the air every day. James Dobson, the most powerful Christian fundamentalist in America, has called out McCain as an angry old man (and for not voting like a theocrat). Ann Coulter has publicly said she would back Hillary — yes, Hillary — over McCain.

    You might see a brokered Republican National Convention as well as a brokered Democratic National Convention.

  3. mark Says:

    Gooble gobble!! I saw “Freaks” at Rutgers many years ago, when “freaks” was nearly synonymous with “hippies”–boy, a lot of people in the audience were surprised when they saw that the film was not about hippies!

    But as I drove home yesterday, I was hearing callers on a talk show pondering whether to stay at home or vote for Hillary to punish their own party.

  4. Chucky Says:

    There won’t be any brokered Republican convention — Ron Paul scaled back his campaign yesterday and Mitt Romney all but pulled out earlier in the week. This means the lead singer of the Keating Five will be bellowing nonstop from now through November 4.

    The other alternatives are hardly appealing.

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