Dim Tim

February 28, 2008

Whatever else happens this year, we can only hope and pray that the 2008 presidential race will put an end once and for all to any notions that Tim Russert has any value or credibility as a journalist. With his endless badgering of Obama about his views on Louis Farrakhan, long after Obama had made those views abundantly clear, Russert was like a pushy drunk at a bar — a drunk who, unlike his civilian counterpart, couldn’t simply be knocked on his ass as he so richly deserved.

It’s simply a given that television news no longer serves any journalistic purpose, except for the occasional flashes of truth-telling one can still find on 60 Minutes or Bill Moyers’ program. But with clowns like Russert commanding the field, we can see that TV news not only fails to aid the workings of democracy — it actively impedes them.


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