Dana Milbank is a Contemptible Clown

March 19, 2008

When the Code Pink protestors gathered outside the IRS building in D.C. to protest and mark the fifth anniversary of the Iraq calamity, Dana Milbank — the Washington Post’s in-house Maureen Dowd wannabe — showed up with a big drum of industrial-strength smugness, which he proceeded to empty over the heads of everyone present. In a sane world, this no-talent chump would be making a living in a carny top, biting the heads off chickens. Click on the video only if you can stand the sight of preening, arrogant self-satisfaction at its most odious, striking poses for the camera as though nothing of consequence is going on to be covered.


One Response to “Dana Milbank is a Contemptible Clown”

  1. Chucky Says:

    Of course Dana Milbank would act like an arsewipe. The Washington Post is, after all, a mouthpiece for the government.

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