Bush’s War

March 26, 2008

The complete Frontline documentary “Bush’s War” can be viewed online here. I haven’t seen it yet, but I have yet to encounter a sane person who hasn’t praied it to the skies as the damn-near definitive account of how King George II and his court got us into this mess.


One Response to “Bush’s War”

  1. Ron Fischer Says:

    I’ll join the chorus. The latter episode clearly showed the toxic interaction of “big political egos” with the unfolding situation in Iraq after major combat operations ended. Interesting to compare the line from WW2, Vietnam to Iraq. From pre-established, clearcut goals, down to “we’ll use Chalabi”, from providing resources at the level of creating a “war economy” to “guns and butter” in Vietnam and Iraq. Its clear the commitment of the lives of our troops is no longer taken quite as seriously. As well the many potential outcomes of actions like “harden the interrogations” were simply ignored.

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