The Aviary Tour

April 18, 2008

Though the intellectual activity is pretty much all on the left side of the blogosphere, there are still quite a few wingnut sites that get attention out of proportion to their content. For those novices who don’t know an Assrocket from their elbows, the intrepid Roy Edroso has compiled this handy guide to some of the loudest squawkers in the wingnut aviary.

Like any good guide, Edroso has traveled this route many times, and he can offer sound advice and guidance. Along with a scale to gauge the mixture of stupidity vs. sheer lying-through-their-teeth evil, Edroso offers a brief precis of each blogger’s modus wingerandi, such as this rundown on Ann Althouse:

University of Wisconsin Law School professor; author of numerous articles and papers, including “Thelma & Louise and the Law: Do Rape Shield Rules Matter?” Began blog in 2004 with posts about law and reality-TV shows; denunciations of Democrats, including John Kerry (“boring us to death over the next 8 months”); and praise for Bush (“I feel a strong connection to this man and what we’ve been through together”). Complained that Democratic campaign literature was “always trying to scare me about things that are about to happen.” Over time, Althouse’s style has become more eccentric. She analyzed at length a Hillary Clinton video, finding vaginal significance in its use of onion rings. She noted the prominence of a large-breasted woman in a group photo of bloggers posing with Bill Clinton, and suggested that readers puzzled by her mention of this revealed a “willful blindness to the criticism of Clinton.” She also began frequently posting her drawings and photographs. Voted for Obama in Wisconsin primary because his “growing power allowed me to cast off my resignation,” but has since posted quotes and cites mostly critical of Obama.

With Althouse, Edroso finds stupidity outweighing the evil. Not so with Michelle Malkin, Bill O’Reilly’s BFF and author of a much-ridiculed book defending the internment of Japanese civilians during World War II. Immigration hysteria is Malkin’s beat, and she rides it hard:

Parses news feverishly for offenses to her worldview. Has been enraged by the D.C. networking group Professionals in the City (for holding an event at the Cuban embassy), Jessica Alba (for “making pro-assimilation remarks”), and Google (for bias in news-site affiliate selection, logos, and search results). Doesn’t spare conservative outlets (“P.C. at the Washington Times“) or the Republican Party (“Is the GOP Lost?”) when they run afoul of her on doctrinal matters, especially regarding immigration. Attacks McCain on this subject, often without the benefit of hyphens (“I don’t want another George W. Bush open borders type in the White House”).

Read on. Make sure you’re already eaten before you do, because the likes of Little Green Footballs can make you lose your lunch.


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