There’s a Riot Goin’ On

April 25, 2008

Sounds like Rush Limbaugh is back on the pills. The Pilondial Cyst Poster Child was hallucinating on the air just recently about what a groovy thing it would be to see rioting in the streets of Denver during the Democratic National Convention. El Rushbo believes that not only would it discredit the Democrats, it would show how orderly and law-abiding the Republicans are:

We don’t burn our cars. We don’t burn down our houses. We don’t kill our children. We don’t do half the things the American left does. We need the American left — and this is another great thing about Operation Chaos; nothing to do with my ego. We need as many ignorant Americans to wake up and find out exactly who the modern-day Democrat Party is as dominated by the far left in this country. We need that to be seen. Now, I am not inspiring or inciting riots. I’m dreaming. (singing to the tune of White Christmas) “I’m dreaming of riots in Denver.” Remember 1968? And which party did that? It was the radicals in that party, the anti-war radicals, the same bunch of clowns that are running around defining the Democrat Party today.

Since the 1960s have to be killed over and over again by mass-market pundits, it’s no surprise that the specter of the Chicago convention is being raised over and over again by the likes of El Rushbo. After all, a black guy is the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, which to wingers means anarchy is about to be set loose in the streets.

Every three and a half years, just before the national party conventions, the winger image of wimpy left-wingers who can’t be trusted with national security is replaced by the fantasy image of the blood-crazed hippie overturning cars in the streets. But you don’t have to go back to 1968 for an image of anarchy. Just look at the top of the post, where you’ll see a picture of Republican legislators and flunkies rioting to prevent the ballot recount in Florida.

What, you don’t like the word “riot”? I didn’t choose it — it was used by conservative columnist Paul Gigot, praising the GOP’s “bourgeois riot” in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. That’s a law and order conservative for you! More recently, the Republicans opted to outsource their violence by having the New York City police harass and detain protestors exercising their right to free speech, all with the connivance of Mayor Bloomberg.

So I would say the GOP is quite familiar and comfortable with the use of political violence. When I compare what happened in 1968 with what happened in 2000, I see the difference between a bunch of amateurs and a cabal of professionals. Those hippies in 1968 didn’t know what they were doing. The thugs of 2000 knew exactly what they were doing, and it worked.


One Response to “There’s a Riot Goin’ On”

  1. Chucky Says:

    Limbaugh isn’t just back on the pills — he’s doing the dirty work of Clear Channel, ABC, CBS and the rest of the Liberal Media.

    Don’t expect the FCC to go after WABC or any radio station that carries this talk-show fascist. The FCC would much rather do the bidding of Brent Bozell & Co.

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