Land’O Flakes

May 6, 2008

A substitue teacher in Land’O Lakes, Florida, has been fired because a magic trick he performed for his students led to a charge of wizardry. Yep, wizardry.

Down in Jesus-Whooper land, nothing is more frightening than a teacher who tries to keep his students entertained and attentive. If he’d just stood at the head of the class and droned along with the lesson plan, most likely he’d be considered tenure-track material.

If this village witch doctor stuff is the basis for decision making in Land’O Lakes, I suggest the teacher wait for the next solar eclipse, then storm into the school administration building and threaten to extinguish the sun with his magic unless they reinstate him as a full-time teacher. These rubes deserve to be taken for everything they’ve got.


3 Responses to “Land’O Flakes”

  1. Chucky Says:

    This case had nothing to do with religion. It’s obvious from the way it was handled.

    Land O’Lakes is in Pasco County north of Tampa. Every time I find a Pasco County story on it’s usually some white-trash thing or another.

  2. zenyenta Says:

    Burn him! He’s a witch! Or warlock. Or wizard. Whatever, he must be burned. For his own good, of course.

  3. (((Billy))) Says:

    So what would they have done to him had he turned water into wine? Or perhaps fed the whole school with one can of tuna and loaf of wonderbread?

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