Ring-a-Ding Replay

May 10, 2008

This Sunday, HBO is showing Recount, a docudrama about the hijacking of the presidency in 2000. Laura Dern plays Congresswoman Ring-a-Ding Ding:

Director Jay Roach (previously known for Meet the Parents and Austin Powers films) says Democrats who hear about the film “always” ask him, “Can’t you change the ending?”

Despite his prankish film background, he says Recount is “not a comedy at all” and does not feature any new catch-phrases such as “yeah, baby, yeah.”

As far as he knows, Al Gore has not seen the film yet but one of the key characters, Ron Klain, a lawyer for the Democrats has, and he “likes it,” even though it’s “kind of painful for the real people to relive it,” Roach observes.

Deborah Solomon, the interviewer, claims that the film is “very fair, except, perhaps” in its casting. The Dems are more appealing than the Republicans, she asserts, but Roach challenges her by saying that Tom Wilkinson, who plays James Baker, “is a very handsome man.”

Laura Dern gets the plum part – playing Florida “decider” Katherine Harris, smothered in makeup. Roach explains: “There was a rumor that someone told Harris that when you’re on TV, your makeup washes out so don’t be shy with those eyelashes and with that lip color.”

It ain’t just Democrats who wish the Crime of the New Century had been foiled, but that’s all blood under the bridge now — Iraqi blood, to be precise. Nevertheless, we at The Opinion Mill hope that future Republican sleazeballs can approximate the whole Joan Collins in Dynasty thing that Congresswoman Ring-a-Ding Ding worked so well.


4 Responses to “Ring-a-Ding Replay”

  1. Iris Says:

    This film was curiously and badly researched. Danny Strong, its writer, let Baker and Klain review and give “comments” on the script while others deeply involved in the events of 2000 were left in the dark. I understand that Christopher and Daley weren’t even contacted until the film had begun shooting.That isn’t good journalism, if that’s what Strong thinks he’s doing, and it isn’t good filmmaking if you’re holding out your product as accurate.

  2. I saw an Emmy screener of “Recount” and I like it a lot… Just love the behind-the-scenes rock ’em sock ’em of high stakes politics, conveyed well here by a dream team of character actors. Not just Spacey and Wilkinson, but Bob Balaban, Bruce McGill, John Hurt, Ed Begley… and, of course, Laura Dern having a ball as Harris.

    The film definitely slanted against the Republicans, which makes a kind of dramatic sense… but everything about the Republicans has a sinister cast, and everything about the Democrats has an undertone of nobility.

    Good flick, though.

  3. Bob Says:

    “everything about the Republicans has a sinister cast, and everything about the Democrats has an undertone of nobility.”

    General Motors takeover, Inspector Generals being fired for rooting out cronies, 20 Czars appointed. That’s right, republicans are sinister, and democrats are noble. See you in the gulag comrade.

  4. Marcus Says:

    This movie RECOUNT is poison.
    It is defamitory and hyperpartisan.
    This is not atypical of the vipers at HBO(or the rest of the Popular Media).
    They should get sued for every penny..

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