Why Is This Even a Question?

May 10, 2008

Brendan Nyhan and Josh Patashnik are pondering the question of what happens to Joe Lieberman if the Democrats expand their Senate majority. Let him continue caucusing with the Democrats? Tell him to flake off and see if he stomps off to join the Republicans? I’m still trying to decide if Patashnik’s argument for keeping Holy Joe in the caucus should be filed under Thinks Too Much or Not Enough:

The question that needs to be asked, though, is this: Is Joe Lieberman the type of vindictive, thin-skinned individual who would be likely to cast aside his longstanding moderate-to-liberal record on most domestic issues in order to join Republican filibusters and make life miserable for Democrats in retaliation for their snubbing him? I think the answer is quite possibly yes, and that’s a very good reason for biting the bullet and putting up with his shenanigans until 2012.

Lieberman has endorsed John McCain and called Barack Obama a Marxist. If he does go over to the dark side in name as well as deed, that’ll just make it easier to evict him from the Senate in a few years. If the party leadership had any sense, it would be looking into the possibility of a recall movement in Connecticut.

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