Help Jonah Help Himself

May 13, 2008

Here’s your chance to help professional winger Jonah Goldberg — author of that deeply serious book that had a smiley face with a Hitler mustache on the dust jacket — decide what Bush’s legacy will be:

About a month ago, I called Ramesh in a panic because I’d forgotten that I was slated to do a Close-Up Foundation interview on the Bush legacy and I hadn’t thought too much about it. Fortunately, not only did Ramesh have some great thoughts, but I was wrong about the date — by a month (I’d entered it into my PDA wrong). Anyway, I’m doing the interview this Thursday and while I have my thoughts far better organized, I thought it’d be interesting to know what NRO readers think Bush’s legacy will be. Please send thoughts — hopefully constructive — to

Oh, I can think of a dozen or so constructive ideas right off the bat, but I’ll save them for Jonah’s in-box. The link is there, gentle readers.  

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