The Prophet Hiaasen

May 15, 2008

Carl Hiaasen is fond of saying that Florida, being the state that extends the lowest on the continental United States, tends to be the place where the dregs of the nation trickle down and accumulate.

Speaking of “dregs,” here’s David Davis, principal of a Florida high school, who tried to bar students from wearing rainbow-themed clothing because it represented support for gay rights. I’m happy to report that a student called the ACLU and cleaned his clock in court:

During the trial, which was held in Panama City yesterday and today, Ponce de Leon High School’s principal David Davis admitted under oath that he had banned students from wearing any clothing or symbols supporting equal rights for gay people. Davis also testified that he believed rainbows were “sexually suggestive” and would make students unable to study because they’d be picturing gay sex acts in their mind. The principal went on to admit that while censoring rainbows and gay pride messages he allowed students to wear other symbols many find controversial, such as the Confederate flag.

2 Responses to “The Prophet Hiaasen”

  1. Caveat Says:

    Holy crap. And I mean that literally.

    How did all these morons get jobs while nobody was watching?

    And Carl Hiassen is great, nicely evokes that Florida swamp feeling.

  2. Chucky Says:

    Admit it, Steven, you have bookmarked and you click every story that has a Florida tag.

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