Team Dolchstoss

May 22, 2008

If this incident actually happened, it sounds like some mental patient off his meds cussed out a soldier in uniform. Nasty stuff, and an undeserved blot on somebody’s day, but it’s happened to many of us on the subway.

But read down the comments and you’ll see the report blown into a full-scale victimization fantasy about dirty left-wingers and hippies stabbing soldiers in the back. The level of hatred being spewed borders on nauseating. Apparently, paying tribute to the military on Memorial Day weekend isn’t enough for some people — they’d rather spend the weekend pumping up rage at imaginary lefties spitting on soldiers.

Hey guys? We lefties are the ones who don’t want to see soldiers getting killed for a pack of lies. We also don’t want to see your pay and benefits get cut so Bush’s cronies can buy starter yachts for their kids. And that expanded G.I. Bill that just passed the Senate? Thank Democratic leadership for that. And it’s the President who said he’s going to veto it. Is all that clear now?

We lefties spend a lot of time talking about how we aren’t criticizing the military when we criticize the war. Does any of this ever get through to you guys? Or are you just waiting for our lips to stop moving so you can get back to your dolchstoss fantasies?


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