Dunkin’ Do-Not

May 29, 2008

Michelle Malkin’s shtick, like that of Ann Coulter, Michael Savage and all the other primates in the Hall of Scat-Flinging Conservative Howler Monkeys, has lost the capacity to surprise, shock or do much of anything besides generate a bit of weary disgust. She sees endorsements of Islamist terrorism in everything from crescent-shaped memorials to Dunkin’ Donuts ads. Malkin sells crazy because crazy is what sells, and the only things more contemptible than Malkin are the media execs who pay for her ravings, and the woebegone asses who make up her audience.  

To which august company we now add Dunkin’ Donuts, for caving in to this kreepy-krawly-kewpie. I always used to chuckle about how a television network excised all mentions of gas from a TV play about the Holocaust because one of its sponsors was an appliance store. No more. The gargoyles are running the media cathedral, but I can’t do anything to change that except keep the television switched off. But if Dunkin’ Donuts wants to spray lemon jelly filling every time some halfwit like Malkin starts yapping, then they can do without my business.   


4 Responses to “Dunkin’ Do-Not”

  1. Bill Bowman Says:

    Oh my goodness. Malkin is an absolute idiot. She needs to stick to cheerleading.

    In the meantime, I’m with you. I can do without DD coffee and doughnuts.

    in fact, let’s start a counter-campaign. Let’s urge a boycott of DD for being such idiots.

    Rachel Ray is about as political as my pinkie.

  2. Caveat Says:

    “The gargoyles are running the media cathedral…”


  3. Chucky Says:

    Who owns Dunkin’ Donuts? The Carlyle Group, which has ties to the Bush family.

  4. Bill Bowman Says:

    Wow, Chucky’s right. I didn’t know my tea and egg sandwiches were lining theiur pockets. Even more reason to go to the local mom and pop shop.

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