American Wankers

June 24, 2008

Steny Hoyer must go. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can go take a hike as well. I don’t know what’s worse: having to swallow the bitter vetch of seeing the Democrats get rolled by the White House on FISA and government spying, or the additional nauseousness or listening to Democrats try to tell everybody they really didn’t rolled. Go read Hoyer talking about how he thinks the Democrats won concessions from the Republicans, and marvel anew at the Democratic ability to wring humiliating defeats from the most advantageous position they’ve had in over a decade.  

Glenn Greenwald puts paid to the notion — articulated by Hoyer and others — that by caving in to the GOP on everything, they somehow managed to carve out a “compromise” that takes FISA off the table as a national security issue for the Republicans to exploit. All I can add is that at this late date, after seven years of crookedness and relentless spin, there is something deeply, frighteningly clueless about Hoyer’s belief that there is some kind of cause-and-effect going on with the Republican noise machine. 

Like the people who are accusing Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim and a terrorist ally are going to say, “Gee, that FISA vote sure makes the Democrats strong on national security.” Any adult who believes that one should be kept under observation and required to eat only with spoons. Don’t you poor asses understand that the GOP broke its moorings with reality long ago, that Republican rhetoric issues from a fantasy universe in which George W. Bush is a great leader and the Iraq war is a magnificent success? You jackasses signed off on this bill, and the effect it will have on Republican attacks will be precisely zilch. Congratulations, bitches. 

If you want to see exactly what was given away, explained in the kind of straightforward terms that used to be the province of our newspapers, go to the ACLU site and be afraid.       

One Response to “American Wankers”

  1. Caveat Says:

    “…explained in the kind of straightforward terms that used to be the province of our newspapers…”

    And that, my friend, is one of the great tragedies of our time – the fourth estate has sold out, too.

    What’s to become of us?

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