Ignatius in Orbit

June 29, 2008

Have you been lying awake at night all excited at the thought of having one of the presidential debates in Dubai? Neither have I, but WaPo’s David Ignatius thinks it would be just the keenest thing:

Yes, I know: This is America’s presidential campaign, not a traveling roadshow to be shared with foreigners. And if the candidates can’t even agree on a schedule of town meetings out in the American heartland, why should they travel to a sheikdom that’s 7,000 miles from Washington — and a short boat ride from Iran?

But the idea of a Dubai debate is appealing, not least because it would link the epochal 2008 campaign with a world that cares passionately about where America is heading. The United States is unpopular abroad these days in part because of a perception that we’re arrogant — that we don’t care what the world thinks. An overseas debate would help change that perception.

The idea is appealing to Ignatius because he’s a rich, out-of-touch media drone who would be perfectly happy to live under a religious dictatorship as long as the shopping was good and the air conditioning never cut out.

As for the sheiks, they can afford the fuel to fly out to America. Not many of us are in the position to return the favore these days.


3 Responses to “Ignatius in Orbit”

  1. Cautious Man Says:

    Mr. Ignatius misses the fact that this would be a foreign policy disaster for the United States.

    His infatuation with the rich Dubai rulers has blinded him to the fact that they exploit their fellow Muslims.

    Less than one in five residents of the United Arab Emirates (of which Dubai is part) are citizens. The rest are “guest workers”, who are in slave-like conditions, according to Human Rights Watch.

    Basically, Mr. Ignatius is so clueless that he thinks that the next American President will change the perception of the United States in the Muslim world by taking part in a “Democracy Show” in a place where millions of those Muslims are practically enslaved and exploited in dangerous working conditions. In a Muslim world where Al Qaeda points to the United States as an enabler for Persian Gulf royal families, as a means to stir up hatred and violence against Americans, that’s a really, really stupid idea.

  2. Scott Stiefel Says:


  3. CParis Says:

    What a stooopid idea! Why not make it a townhall format with the women in burkhas – fits right in with the AmTalibangelicals.

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