The Three-Card-Monte War

July 15, 2008

One of wingerdom’s favorite dreamland correspondents has declared that the Iraq war is over and — surprise! — we won:

I would go so far as to say that barring any major and unexpected developments (like an Israeli air strike on Iran and the retaliations that would follow), a fair-minded person could say with reasonable certainty that the war has ended. A new and better nation is growing legs. What’s left is messy politics that likely will be punctuated by low-level violence and the occasional spectacular attack. Yet, the will of the Iraqi people has changed, and the Iraqi military has dramatically improved, so those spectacular attacks are diminishing along with the regular violence. Now it’s time to rebuild the country, and create a pluralistic, stable and peaceful Iraq. That will be long, hard work. But by my estimation, the Iraq War is over. We won. Which means the Iraqi people won.

I guess it’s only to be expected that the war we were lied into by the only president to be personally chosen by God would be winding up just in time for the conclusion of that president’s final term. (Assuming Scalia et al don’t have another surprise in store for us.) After all, Obama has made it clear he wants a tight timetable for withdrawal, and the Iraqis themselves have been clamoring for the U.S. to get lost. Let the Republicans declare victory and go home, leaving behind a brutalized pseudo-state, a make-believe government riddled by terrorist elements, a population traumatized by ethnic cleansing, women at the mercy of theocrats and fresh trouble brewing in Kurdistan. Let the victory parades begin!

Look, I’m resigned to the fact that the wingers will be sounding triumpets, crying “Hail Caesar!” and scattering rose petals at Bush’s feet no matter what happened in Iraq. They’ve been doing it ever since that clown show on the aircraft carrier. Bush has his hard core of supporters who don’t care if the country’s been robbed, so long as the crooks have a magnetized yellow ribbon on their getaway car.

Since the bad guys won and the crooks are going to get away clean, why not end the scam now? Ring down the curtain now, get the troops out, leave one less mess for the next administration to deal with? Can we at least get that much out of this horror? Nobody’s fooled except the fools, so let’s just cut the crap and get this thing over with.


One Response to “The Three-Card-Monte War”

  1. Steven Hart Says:

    Obama has a tight timetable for getting out of Iraq? Not out of the Green Zone, according to Naomi Klein in an interview on today’s Democracy Now! Of course, anything sounds tight compared to 100 years…

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