When Bad Covers Happen to Good Magazines

July 15, 2008

That New Yorker cover showing Obama and his wife dressed as terrorists and bumping fists in the Oval Office is lame and stupid. It doesn’t work as satire because its ostensible target — dumb rumors about Obama being a Muslim terrorist in disguise — isn’t even grazed, much less hit. It doesn’t work as humor because when professional dickwads like Sean Hannity and the wingnut aviary are either implying that Obama is a closet terrorist or saying it outright, depicting him as such isn’t a joke.

If the cover had shown as this image a nightmare plaguing Joe Lieberman’s sleep, it would have had a shot at being fun. As presented, it’s simply the furthering of a vile lie that’s already had too much time in the air. And it’s about as funny as a case of kidney stones.

I like The New Yorker, but let’s bear in mind that before Seymour Hersh came aboard, it was yet another platform for Iraq warwhores.


One Response to “When Bad Covers Happen to Good Magazines”

  1. Caveat Says:

    I said something similar – a dream bubble a la Dave Berg where a slavering winger is imagining the picture would have had a better shot at being funny.

    They need to get a little more obsessive over how things can be perceived at the New Yorker if they want to get serious about political satire. The question must always be “Would an average person who is not plugged into politics be able to interpret this correctly? Is it obvious enough without being too broad?”

    The cover not only demeans the magazine but also demeans one of the most exciting candidates for President that the US has seen for some time.

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