July 21, 2008

I’ve been noticing an increasing amount of pingback spam, which I gather is the next generation of comment spam. Instead of leaving comments with the usual links to porn sites or merchandising come-ons, the spammer links to a blog post and expects readers to follow the pingback. Anybody else noticed this? Or is it already well know, as I suspect is the case? I’ve never tried to pass myself off as the most up-to-date blogger on the Web.


3 Responses to “Curious”

  1. Caveat Says:

    I’m so non-geeky I don’t know what a pingback is.

    I disabled html in my comments because I was getting inane, albeit somewhat on-topic posts containing links and I don’t want my readers getting burned.

  2. geoff Says:

    I get them regularly. They often say “Great post! I found it inquisitive. If you like this blog you should…” blah blah blah.

    Somehow they get past the anti-spam filters.

  3. Max P. Says:

    I haven’t noticed it on my blog – which is through Typepad – but I noticed it happening on an older blog I wrote for where WordPress was used. (I’m not pushing Typepad, by the way. There are some things about WordPress that I found more user-friendly.)

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