The Destroyer of Worlds

July 22, 2008

Some utterly frightening and yet bizarrely beautiful images from atomic tests, gathered by Picdit. The above image was taken by the French military during a July 3, 1970 test (codenamed “Canopus” ) at the Fangataufa atoll. Go to the site and look at the “Trinity” photo. Can anyone explain why it looks like an immense soap bubble?


One Response to “The Destroyer of Worlds”

  1. Ron Fischer Says:

    The Trinity blast photo is from a very high speed camera, the image being from the first fractional seconds of the explosion when it was an expanding ball of plasma. The mottling on the surface probably relates to bits of chemistry in the metals and explosives surrounding the original mechanical core. If it was possible to recover a camera close enough to the other (larger) blasts, you’d likely see something similar in those first moments.

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