Kucinich Rocks

August 27, 2008

Rep. Dennis Kucinich rocked the house at yesterday’s DNC session. Anybody who wants to make smirking jokes about vegans and flying saucers can go stuff it. This guy’s been fighting the good fight and saying things that needed to be said back when most other Democrats were too timid about their poll numbers to raise so much as a squeak against the rampant abuses of the Bush administration.

How cool to think that this guy made a speech in my living room and played peek-a-boo with one of my kids.Watch the speech and remember: Every time you cheer for Dennis Kucinich, you make Dennis Miller cry.

It’s Election Day 2008. We Democrats are giving America a wake-up call. Wake up, America. In 2001, the oil companies, the war contractors and the neo-con artists seized the economy and have added 4 trillion dollars of unproductive spending to the national debt. We now pay four times more for defense, three times more for gasoline and home heating oil and twice what we paid for health care.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, their homes, their health care, their pensions. Trillions of dollars for an unnecessary war paid with borrowed money. Tens of billions of dollars in cash and weapons disappeared into thin air, at the cost of the lives of our troops and innocent Iraqis, while all the president’s oilmen are maneuvering to grab Iraq’s oil.

Borrowed money to bomb bridges in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. No money to rebuild bridges in America. Money to start a hot war with Iran. Now we have another cold war with Russia, while the American economy has become a game of Russian roulette.

If there was an Olympics for misleading, mismanaging and misappropriating, this administration would take the gold. World records for violations of national and international laws. They want another four-year term to continue to alienate our allies, spend our children’s inheritance and hollow out our economy.

We can’t afford another Republican administration. Wake up, America. The insurance companies took over health care. Wake up, America. The pharmaceutical companies took over drug pricing.

Wake up, America. The speculators took over Wall Street. Wake up, America. They want to take your Social Security. Wake up, America. Multinational corporations took over our trade policies, factories are closing, good paying jobs lost.

Wake up, America. We went into Iraq for oil. The oil companies want more. War against Iran will mean $10-a-gallon gasoline. The oil administration wants to drill more, into your wallet. Wake up, America. Weapons contractors want more. An Iran war will cost 5 to 10 trillion dollars.

This administration can tap our phones. They can’t tap our creative spirit. They can open our mail. They can’t open economic opportunities. They can track our every move. They lost track of the economy while the cost of food, gasoline and electricity skyrockets. They skillfully played our post-9/11 fears and allowed the few to profit at the expense of the many. Every day we get the color orange, while the oil companies, the insurance companies, the speculators, the war contractors get the color green.

Wake up, America. This is not a call for you to take a new direction from right to left. This is call for you to go from down to up. Up with the rights of workers. Up with wages. Up with fair trade. Up with creating millions of good paying jobs, rebuilding our bridges, ports and water systems. Up with creating millions of sustainable energy jobs to lower the cost of energy, lower carbon emissions and protect the environment.

Up with health care for all. Up with education for all. Up with home ownership. Up with guaranteed retirement benefits. Up with peace. Up with prosperity. Up with the Democratic Party. Up with Obama-Biden.

Wake up, America. Wake up, America. Wake up, America.


8 Responses to “Kucinich Rocks”

  1. alpinmack Says:

    I would agree. Kucinich is pretty great. Too bad we can’t vote for him anymore.

  2. Steven Hart Says:

    “This one’s for you, Stephanie,” was a reference to Ohio representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones who died a few days ago. He was wearing a pin with her photo on his lapel. -dw

  3. Scott Stiefel Says:

    On top of that, he was the real Alpha Male of the entire field of primary candidates. Jeri Thompson vs. Elizabeth Kucinich? Hah – no contest.

  4. alpinmack Says:

    I had a big social flop because of Liz Kucinich. My wife and I were hanging out with her friend who is our age (25) but is dating a 54 year old. Talk got around to politics and I had just seen something on the Daily Show about how they would show Liz K. even when Dennis wasn’t talking because she is well, hot. So I said something like, “yeah that’s just kind of weird for them to be together. He could be her dad.” The 53 year old just looked at me and just like that, our evening was over.

  5. Chucky Says:

    While you worship Dennis Kucinich the DNC is being conducted under a police state.

    Riot squad gives a beatdown to protesters? No problem. ABC News sees US Senators mingling with corporate lobbyists? Round up the journalists.

    Naturally the Liberal Media is silent. The fact that liberals are silent as well speaks volumes.

  6. Mike Says:

    Hey Chuck,

    Were you bothered by the over 1800 protesters that were arrested at the 2004 Repub convention? Or the lobbyists that feted the politicians and delegates behind closed doors (no media allowed)?

    Just wondering.

  7. Chucky Says:

    Colorado has a Christian Nation (Colorado Springs), a People’s Republic (Boulder) and now a Military Dictatorship (Denver).

    It’s no surprise that a city more heavily armed than Baghdad turns Dennis the Menace into a sellout.

  8. Steven Hart Says:

    I feel ya, Charles. In 2004, I did not appreciate watching my support for Kucinich get diverted, as it inevitably had to be, to Kerry. But, I dunno. Kucinich seems to have a larger strategy that involves sticking to his principles while grabbing that mainstream spotlight whenever he can,yanking that microphone! It gets him a heck of a lot more mainstream air time than a purist like Ralph Nader. Kucinich is an insurgent, and maybe he’s just tricky enough to make some serious change from the inside. I hope there’s method to his madness. Even if he’s unsuccessful, it’s fascinating to watch him. And look where he is now, compared to four years ago: people were downright embarrassed for me for supporting him in 2004. He was this little elf that nobody took seriously. I could barely get anyone to listen to his campaign DVD. My sister was completely embarassed by me. Now, he’s given air time at the DNC. –dw

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