Charles Babblington

August 29, 2008

Deaf? Deceitful? Deluded? Or some combination of the three? And this is the turkey AP picks to do the analysis of Obama’s speech?


2 Responses to “Charles Babblington”

  1. Chucky Says:

    Why is everyone surprised? AP’s Washington bureau chief is a right-wing hack — he once wrote a fawning mash note to Karl Rove. Also was offered a job in the McCain campaign after becoming bureau chief.

    Quite a few newspapers have announced they will drop AP; the biggest so far are in Minneapolis and Spokane. The papers are saying it’s because of costs. The real reason is the increasingly right-wing slant of AP.

  2. Caveat Says:

    Barack is the one.

    I love the guy, have for quite awhile now. I’d have him over for dinner any day without even sweating the fact that I’m a major house slob, too busy with principles and fighting the good fight to worry about keeping everything anal. I’d serve a damned good meal, and devil take the piles of papers and stuff that populate my house. We’d have a few laughs, talk about issues and goals.

    That scares the crap out of the second-rate, whoring punditocracy.

    Let’s hope it’s a slam-dunk and that the Dems don’t blow it, although I’m noticing a distinct change of MO which I’m liking very much.

    In my opinion, if McCain had any sense, not to mention concern about the mess the country is in, he’d just concede – save us all some money and time.

    Obama is the one, and we’ve waited a long, long time for somebody like him. Everybody knows it – well, everybody whose IQ is higher than room temperature.

    Oh, I’m a Canuck so I don’t know if my opinion counts.

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